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20 Picture Quotes about Kids, Play, and Nature

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Time Spent Playing With Children is Never Wasted Printable

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This is a great quote about play based learning because you can tell more about a child in a hour of play then a hour sitting doing an activity. During play, children really show their personality, physical skills, gross motor and fine motor skills, their creativity, intellectual skills, and their emotional skills. Play is great for learning because children are constantly growing through dramatic play, block play, art, play dough, and so much more!

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8 Inspiring Quotes About Children & Play

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8 Inspiring Quotes About Children & Play

8 inspiring quotes about children and the importance of play from And Next Comes L

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play quotes | Play benefits young children in so many ways, allowing them to express ...

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Why do we care about play? Did you know that more than just about any other activity, play is what promotes the healthy development of your child! The most important thing to remember about play is that it should be pleasurable. That means that if your child is having fun, then you are doing it right! Play

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Peekaboo Beans Blog: Play Quotes "Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity."

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