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10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (801)

What others think of you is none of your business...if they're judging everyone else, it's because they're unhappy I'm their own lives...I've been guilty of doing that in the past...time to worry about myself and the ones I love...nobody and nothing else

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"lately i’ve been replacing my “i’m sorry”s with “thank you”s, like instead of “sorry i’m late” i’ll say “thanks for waiting for me”, or instead of “sorry for being such a mess” i’ll say “thank you for loving me and caring about me unconditionally” and it’s not only shifted the way i think and feel about myself but also improved my relationships with others who now get to receive my gratitude instead of my negativity" TUMBLR:

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50 Heart Touching Sad Quotes That Will Make You Cry

We have selected some pictures with phrases that we believe may be useful to people who are not having a good time and find no way to express what they feel. For all of them

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

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Working on by myself, for myself. Motivational quotes about positive thinking, happiness, grateful, work and love. Tap to check out more! - @mobile9

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Last year my biggest goal was to develop better self perspective.

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Sometimes I just like to keep my problems to myself because I feel like no one actually understands what I'm going through.

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"Good people are like candles: They burn themselves up to give other light."... soo very true... and I've just about burned all of myself up now... and look, nobody to be found...

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"Photography is about capturing souls not smiles." ~It is true. After photography 43+ weddings, I don't always capture a smile. I capture a tear or two, a certain look, the way they grab each others hands. To share the special day with so many couples in this town, I consider myself a very lucky woman. And to think that they pay me (rather well) to do something that I enjoy doing.....

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35 Inspirational Quotes about Life

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

Feeling sad and depressed? it's ok we totally understand how that feel and we now provide you with 100 inspirational quotes in this articles. you can save and read whenever you need!

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100 Inspirational Quotes Every Woman Should Read

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

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