So much more everyday, still can't believe your gone! We should have grow into adulthood together and we always talked about going out, our kids should be growing up together...still wondering why....

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I know that you new how much you meant to me. I'm going to miss all of our talks.. Especially the stupid venting over stuff that in the grand scheme of things doesn't matter. I'm going to miss your presence but I know I'll have you with me wherever I go and whenever I need to rant you will be there listening .. ❤️ RIP Kara ❤️ one love

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I do, especially after Monday.. I just wish we could talk... Figure all this out.. And I just wanna know if you miss me as much as I miss you... Click through for a song.. "Stay" - Safety suit. I really hope your text tone goes off on my phone soon... I need something good to happen..

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