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It's true and when you're stuck in the ways society has conditioned you to be it's really hard to get out of this viscous cycle.

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5 Early Warning Signs You're With a Narcissist -

Sad isn't it its my sister in law and mother in law to bad they missed out because my husband will not put up with there bullcrap and neither will I so stay out of our life your evil both of you and you know who you are if your reading this which you prob are lol

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People are always going to talk. So let them talk. And you know what when someone judges another person it's because they are trying to make themselves feel better. About their own insecurities. As simple as that....

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5 Signs You're Dealing With a H.Y.M.N (Hypocritical, Yelling, Martyr Narcassist)

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I'm sorry you're so insecure with yourself that you constantly have to worry about every move I am making.

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