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Quotes about good vibes

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See good in all things. Positive and inspirational, motivational and colorful quote about life. Orange bright design with cool black and white typography. Save this for some inspiration later!

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Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words

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It really is an attitude of not worrying about how you're being received and just focus upon how much fun you're having in your broadcast.

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This is an important thing to remember when using Dear Man skill in DBT. When we assert ourselves we are often hit with "distracting" statements (insults and invalidating and hurtful taunts like: "remember when you..", "you always.."). These are designed to distract you from being calm and asserting your needs in a mature and fair manner. Always be aware to use the the "broken record" that is apart of Dear Man. Try saying "We aren't talking about that right now, at the moment we are…

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Are You Famous In The Future?

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