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Quorn Vegan Szechuan Chicken Stir Fry

Added a little extra soy sauce and a dash of ghost pepper hot sauce for some extra kick. The Chinese Five Spice flavor is a little sweeter than I prefer.

Crock Pot Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili (Paleo)

Crock Pot Paleo Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili! This chipotle Chili recipe is healthy but hearty, and has a kick of spice! Made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your fridge! A gluten free and paleo friendly chili made easy in the crock pot so you can be ready to serve with little effort .


Quorn Vegan Pieces 280G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries


Vegan Buffalo Wings

Give these delicious vegan wings a try-- I promise they will taste JUST like the meat version. The seitan chicken has taken me roughly 2 years to perfect. It is moist, and perfectly spiced. For the "bones" you can use either sugar cane or popsicle sticks; or you can simply have "boneless" wings! Vegan Buffalo Wings Recipe


Vegan Popcorn Chicken

Vegan Popcorn Chicken - Je suis alimentageuse, calls for soy chunks. maybe i can figure out a soy-free replacement


Curry - Just the Leaves

An extra tasty keema curry with peas and potatoes: a simple and delicious way to cook vegetarian #Quorn mince.


Quorn Vegan Mediterranean Socca

Get inspired and try this delicious Vegan Mediterranean Socca - Farinata Recipe, using Quorn Vegan Chicken Tenders. Enjoy meatless alternatives with Quorn.

Quorn Vegan Nachos & Salsa

Vegan Nachos: A great dish to share as a starter or as a main meal, prepare to get messy! => Recpie =>