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What Summer Flower Are You?

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Which Disney Bad Boy Would Turn Good for You?

Which Disney Bad Boy Would Turn Good for You? - Sometimes bad boys just need a reason to be better. - Quiz

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What's The Name Of Your Soulmate?

What's The Name Of Your Soulmate, mines apparently called lili. I like that they give me a girls name.

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Love this interactive science site! My 3rd and 6th grader have learned about everything from the parts of a flower, to electrical currents and melting points. The games are really engaging; this has been a great supplement to our homeschooling.

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"She was on her period so we couldn't have sex...she said "sorry." I looked her in the eyes and said, "don't apologize for something natural, you weren't put on earth to please me.""

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What Dessert Matches Your Personality?

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Heres a free resource for Christian parents who want to help their kids get excited about memorizing Scripture! Pass it along to all the parents, friends & Sunday School teachers you know!

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Will You Marry Your Soulmate, Your Twin Or Your Opposite?

Do you know who's the one for you?

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