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Keith Lynch quits job, paddles 4,000 miles

from The Sun

It’s Elvis Priestley

Vicar quits job to become The King impersonator - Now that is change in profession

from Odyssey

What Troy Bolton And Quitting My Job Taught Me

I bought my khaki pants and polo shirts, packed a lunch, and watched Zach Efron's inspirational "Bet On It" scene from High School Musical Little did I know, I was about to pull a real "Troy Bolton" and quit my job after two days.

from Ivorymix

8 Steps to Master Goal Setting (aiming to quit your day job?)


Should Madonna quit her day job? Check out 'Tonight' stand-up debut!

Madonna took a "holiday" by visiting "The Tonight Show" Thursday night, but she was still working it hard!


How to Open a Pagemaker Document in Microsoft Word


Alaskan moments: 10 faces of the last frontier