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The Old House, or Peacefield to John Adams. Quincy, Massachusetts. The John Adams and John Quincy Adams Birthplaces are the oldest presidential birthplaces in the United States.

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Peacefield (John Adams home in Quincy) Quincy, Massachusetts. John and Abigail Adams lived here many years, and so did many descendants. The family kept everything just as it was until it was presented to the Park Service, and the contents are preserved intact to this day. That seems to be very rare for historic houses! The outside still looks just as it did in old pictures.

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Original Dunkin' Donuts on Southern Artery in Quincy, Massachusetts, 1950. Fun fact: It's still open today!

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Great news! Thank you Gov. Patrick for recognizing dogs are individuals and making it illegal to regulate dogs with Breed Specific Legislation in Massachusetts! INCREDIBLE news! Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed a bill into law today that makes regulating dogs by breed illegal. BSL...Illegal! And more. This progressive piece of legislation calls for spay/neuter funds and much more !

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Peacefield is a historic home formerly owned by 2nd President of the US, John Adams, & other members of the Adams family, located in Quincy, Massachusetts. The oldest portion of the house was built in 1731 by Leonard Vassall, a sugar-planter from Jamaica, & acquired by John & Abigail Adams in 1787 after its loyalist owners had abandoned Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War. The Adams first occupied the house in 1788

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2 years ago, I was here at this lovely state in USA, Boston! I miss this place soooooo much! Time flies, Christmas is coming soon! ` Quincy Market, Customs House Tower

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Boston's Quincy Market at Christmastime - I'll have to get back to visit Megan in the winter

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