(Closed rp) making our way up the stairs of one stand "why are there so many freaking stairs?!" (@Musicalfandoms )

The Quidditch Pitch

[ Open Rp ] I sit in the Ravenclaw stands on the Quidditch field reading. I don't notice you're hear until you take my book out of my hands.

The Muggle Quidditch Pitch

Harry Potter: Quidditch for Muggles

Hello students!! Remember you can also sign up for your house Quidditch team!! Please comment bellow and if the spot you want is taken, its taken no fighting!

(Open RP) I walk onto the Quidditch Field and start to fly around on my broom. I was really stressed, and flying helped calm me down.

Housewife Eclectic: DIY Quidditch Pitch. How to play Muggle Quidditch!

DIY Quidditch Pitch

An eclectic combination of crafts, recipes, technology, books and geeky creations.

Quidditch Pitch Cross Stitch Pattern by PatronusStitch on Etsy

Quidditch Pitch Cross Stitch Pattern

Pattern inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. The finished design is 2315 stitches in 10 colors. On aida the finished design

Potter Peeps! (Quidditch pitch peeps diorama) - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

(Quidditch pitch peeps diorama) - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS - "It's a peeps diorama themed party!The host of our Easter party asked us all to bring peeps dio

Great tutorial on making Quidditch Hoops

quidditch-hoop-tutorial great for playing pool quidditch - use pool noodles for "brooms" and these hula hoop goals