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Queen Victoria Birthday

Never seen this one before -- Queen Victoria and her favorite son, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught on his 20th birthday. She once said she liked Arthur more than her other 8 children combined!


Miniature portrait of Queen Victoria by John Haslem 1848. Shown wearing her wedding day finery, Victoria gave this miniature to Prince Albert on her birthday 24 May 1848. Royal Collection


21 Snowy Desserts

Victoria Sponge Cake This delicious layer cake, popular at afternoon teas in England, was named in honor of Queen Victoria. It eschews cloying frosting for a shower of confectioners' sugar and a filling of whipped double Devon cream with strawberry jam.


The Queen's historic dresses will go on display on her 90th birthday

A dress worn by Queen Victoria in 1835-7, will be displayed as an early example of tartan in royal dress for the largest exhibition of the Queen's dress in Scotland


Bracelet with miniatures of Princess Victoria, Prince Albert Edward, Princess Alice, Prince Edward, Princess Helena and Princess Louise, all children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 1845 Note: This was presented to the Queen for her birthday by Prince Albert, who designed the piece himself

1858 Queen Victoria's Birthday Fan. Painted cream silk and pierced mother-of-pearl, includes emblems of the British Isles, rose (England), shamrock (Ireland) and thistle (Scotland) and Queen Victoria's 'VR' monogram surmounted by a crown, lilies-of-the-valley, the birth flower for the month of May, and the Queen's cipher ('VR' and 'A') and crown and the date 24 May 1858, her thirty-ninth birthday. (Royal Collection/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2015)


Alice of Hesse-Darmstadt's tiara was a gift from her mother, Queen Victoria of England.