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Queen Elizabeth Death

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Three Queens in Mourning

The Three Queens in Mourning - King George VI died on February 6, 1952. This is a photo of Princess Elizabeth (the new Queen); Queen Mary (the King's mother) and Queen Elizabeth (the King's wife) making their way slowly into the chapel where the king’s body lay in state.

Queen Elizabeth II with Eleven Presidents of the United States of America. The last is Barack Obama.

Queen Elizabeth II with Eleven Presidents of the United States of America. The last is Barack Obama.

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The King is dead, long live the Queen: The true story of the day Her Majesty learned of her father's death

The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen. The 21st Birthday Diamond Flame Lily Brooch worn by HM Queen Elizabeth II as she arrives back in England following the death of her father HM King George VI


It is often said that we do not know how Elizabeth I felt about her mother, Anne Boleyn, and it is widely written that she only spoken of her twice in her entire life...Using a surprising amount of contemporary evidence and a little bit of conjecture based on fact, we can, in fact determine how Elizabeth felt about Anne.-BB. Read more in "Death Could Not Separate Them: How Elizabeth I Connected to Her Deceased Mother"…


Dudley's tomb - Queen Elizabeth was deeply affected after Dudley died, and locked herself in her apartment for a few days until Lord Burghley had the door broken. Her nickname for Dudley was "Eyes", which was symbolised by the sign of ôô in their letters to each other. Elizabeth kept the letter he had sent her six days before his death in her bedside treasure box, endorsing it with "his last letter" on the outside. It was still there when she died 15 years later.


Quite Fascinating, The tomb of Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of Anne Bolyn) is shared with her half sister Queen Mary I (daughter of Katherine of Aragon). Both were daughters of Henry VIII. Westminster Abbey, London.

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blackpaint20: Queen Elizabeth I’s secret locket... - curliestofcrowns

Queen Elizabeth I’s secret locket ring. It wasn’t discovered until her death that the ring opened up to reveal two portraits of her and her mother Queen Anne Boleyn.


Elizabeth I was truly the first crowned queen to successfully rule with absolute power. Elizabeth is best remembered for bringing the Renaissance to England. She is also remembered for defeating the Spanish Armada and replacing Roman Catholicism with Protestantism. Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn and she ruled from 1558 until her death in 1603. She was last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty and her reign is known as the “Elizabethan Era.”