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Le carnaval de Québec printable vocabulary words. YouTube vids of maple syrup harvesting process, too! French, English, and silent vids.

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C’est what? 75 mini lessons in conversational Québécois French | Quebec French Guide

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Tarte Au Sucre Francaise (French Canadian Sugar Pie)

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The Differences Between French in Québec and France

Please note I have also some additional informations in this podcast episode here. It can be said that Metropolitan (or Standard European) and Québec (or Canadian) French, while both rooted in ear...

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Essential French Words and Phrases for Travellers

Essential French Phrases for #Travel - Key words to know on your trip to #Paris, #France or Montreal, #Quebec

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Speaking French in Quebec

Quebec is not France, and speaking French in Quebec is not like speaking French in France. But should you expect it to be?

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Good article explaining the difference between Quebec French and Metropolitan French

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