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Pythagoras Calculator

In honour of #piday we have a nerdy #beefact for you! Bees know that the world is round AND they have the ability to calculate angles! They were only a few million years ahead of Pythagoras... #math #savethebees #pi #3.14 #bkn pc: @kaylawelcher Re-post by Hold With Hope

Pythagoras' Theorem worksheet - calculating the length of the hypotenuse.

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Pi Approximation Trick - Calculator - Derived Using Pythagoras's Theorem #pi #irrational_numbers #mathematics #calculator_tricks

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Improve your performance. With this device you can automatically calculate area and volume. Got an object in the middle of your work zone? No problem! Measure distances indirectly with the Pythagoras incorporated algorithm. See the full review of the? Click that website ;)

M. Edouard Lucas | Calculating machines | Fig. 13. — The Table of Pythagoras on Slats (see below)

Red Lines: Could be used to introduce Pythagoras Theorem - pupils estimate lengths of lines then calculate accurately.

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Similar Triangles and Shapes with Assessment and detailed solutions

Similar triangles and shapes, includes Pythagoras' Theorem, calculating areas of similar triangles, one real life application, circle theorems, cha...