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Pygmy Marmoset - The Smallest Monkey

I had a vision of a monkey tattoo on my arm that says, "are these your monkeys?" To remind me of the saying "not my circus...not my monkeys". pygmy marmoset aka pocket monkey #monkey #tiny

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PYGMY MARMOSET.....found in the rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and of the smallest primates and the smallest monkey in the world....a body length of 4.75 - 6 inches, a tail of 7 - 9 inches and a weight 3.53 - 4 oz....spend most of their time in the trees and are rarely on the ground....a curled up Pygmy Marmoset fits into a human palm

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These darling 'thumb' monkeys r available in China, but I believe illegal in US :( PH 11 Feb 2016

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⭐Finger Monkeys from The Rain Forest⭐One of the cutest things on the planet!
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Photo of the Day: A Baby Monkey at Bangkok's Tranvestite Cabaret

A tiny baby monkey sucking on a lady's ear. So precious. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just to see this!

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Let's Check In On The Pygmy Marmosets

The pygmy marmoset (also called the dwarf monkey) hangs out in the rainforest canopies of western Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, eastern Peru

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Marmoset by In Cherl Kim: The pygmy marmoset eats insects, nectar, fruit and tree gum which it obtains by gnawing a hole in the bark of the tree and lapping up the sap which puddles up. #Pygmy_Marmoset

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Peruvian Rainforest - Home to thousands of different animal species, including the world's smallest primate!

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