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Did this for last 2 years. 1st over strawberries, then move over blueberries, then over black raspberries. I now get 98% of my crop. Great idea.


PVC Connectors - Lee Valley Tools they have the clamps like on the quilting frames


Homemade Infant Swing Stand (+/- $65.00) What you'll need: 6 - 5'L PVC pipe (2") (Cut 4 in half) 6 - 90 deg. PVC Connectors 2 - T - PVC Connectors (for uprights) 2 - 2" Stainless steel eye hooks with bolts (1/4" dia.) 4 - 1/4" stainless steel washers 1 - Infant swing of your choice.


PVC Connectors - Lee Valley Tools They have the PVC joints you can't find at most hardware stores, making homemade garden covers a little easier to build.

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EASY Inexpensive Do it Yourself Ways to Organize and Decorate your Bathroom and Vanity {The BEST DIY Space Saving Projects and Organizing Ideas on a Budget}

DIY Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Make a really COOL hair tool organizer from a PVC connector - Keep your hot tools off of your countertop - organized and safe via Miss Remi Ashten YouTube


Place to for those hard to find PVC fittings for your Halloween projects. Furniture Grade PVC Fittings, Furniture Grade PVC Pipe, PVC connectors and accessories.


Did this for last 2 years. 1st over strawberries, then move over blueberries…


PVC Connectors - Lee Valley Tools


Sewer Solution extension: Needed extra length for drain hose and didn’t want to pay big $ for extension hose. Since hose connects to sewer adapter with press fit 1 inch PVC connector - I just cut a 10 foot 1 inch PVC pipe into several lengths that would fit in our wet bay, added one 1 inch PVC coupler to each piece of pipe and now have ten foot extension for just a couple of bucks. And can make more as needed. Light weight, easy to store and easy to hookup.


Trellis is made from ten 10' pieces of 1/2-inch exterior grade PVC. The sides are ten 4-1/2' pieces, the arches are five 5-1/2' pieces with eight 1' sections to help stabilize. Four 3-pronged 1/2" PVC connectors, six 1/2" 4-pronged PVC connectors, and 20 1/2" galvanized U-shaped brackets. The netting is made of cotton chalkline tied and knotted across all poles and then up and over to divide the sections, which are 1' wide.