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Six do-it-yourself food puzzles that will help keep your dog mentally and physically active.

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Muffin Tin & Tennis Balls ~ Does your Dane perform crazy indoor “zoomies” when you’re unable to get out for your daily walk? Check out 3 DIY dog puzzle feeders sure to help expend some of that pent up energy…and save a lamp or two!

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5 DIY Dog Puzzle Games

Our dogs have active minds. And just as we need to challenge our mind to grow and learn, we need to do the same for our dogs.

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Puzzle Games for dogs with treats hidden within. I wonder how quickly Ezio would figure this out and then be bored with it?

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33 DIY Dog Toys from Things Around the House | BarkPost <<<< Gives your pup's brain a workout on some of these as well as teeth and body.

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DIY: How to Make an Interactive Feeder or Toy #PAW2014

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All dog puzzle games & toys- these things are the best for high energy dogs that need something to do

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How To DIY A Puzzle Dog Toy With Two Simple Materials

Make your dog a puzzle toy he can work on over and over again. This DIY dog toy only takes two materials, and it's easy to make!

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