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DIY Toner: 2 Cups Vinegar 1/4 teaspoon Purple Food Coloring (I use this neon version cause I want it to be vibrant) *Or if you are a redhead and want to bring the punch back into your color use red food coloring! After your conditioning take your rinse and poor it down your hair. Massage it in to evenly distribute. Rinse with water. | Look around!


Create a Perfect Metallic Smoky Eye in 3 Minutes

If there is one makeup look that is easier and better looking than all others, it is the smoky eye. The smoky eye is a classic look that looks great for every eye color. The metallic smoky eye is a bit more bold, but it only makes your look more glam. You might think that …


Maintain the blonde without the yellow! Use a very deep purple toning shampoo (i.e. Ion Cool Blonde Shampoo) every other time you shampoo, or more if necessary. Mix a bottle of your favorite conditioner (i.e. Ion Cool Blonde Conditioner) with Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner and use every time you condition. They are vegan!! Leave both shampoo and conditioner mixture in your hair for at least 3 minutes each. You'll see results in 1-3 uses.


Toning blonde hair from brassy yellow or orange to silvery white platinum with a lavender toner at home! Paul Mitchell Flash Finish Ultra Violet toner lavendar pale blonde haircolor hair color bleach blond baby silver grey correction fix tone DIY lighten lighter brass lift brighten dye dying correct grey ash


So beautiful!! @christinakreitel created this with @Guy_Tang's #KenraColor #MetallicObsession Natural level 5. She toned pre-lightened hair with SV and VP Rapid Toner. Dried and applied 7VM + Violet permanent with 10 vol at the root. Smudged in alternating sections with 8VM Demi and 9VM+10SM Demi.


DIY Toner (Maskcara)

Many of you were wanting to know a little bit more about the concoction I toned Debra’s hair with. After...


TheyAllHateUs for the love of grey..with purple toner…this is my future hair and I like it!


Shampoo Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo 300ml New Model for Blonde Shades & Brassy Hair & Brassy Blonde This Is a Non Free Shampoo Purple Toner a Type of Shampoo Violet Fudge


How to Dye Your Hair a Pastel Color and What Products and Brands to Use

Obviously you've come to this page because you've seen pictures of girls (or guys!) with AMAZING pastel locks of hair. At first it seems overwhelming-- almost an artistic endeavor that is only for the creative to even attempt. That's wrong, dying...