Stop puppy mills! Help save lives, stop overpopulation, over-breeding, neglect, homelessness, and abuse. Spay and neuter.

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Where does your state stand on puppy mills? While many people think they are already illegal, that’s not the case. Federal standards are far from what most people consider to be humane and are poorly enforced. States have the authority to enact and enforce higher standards of humane care for commercially bred animals, yet 21 states still do not have any laws regulating large-scale dog breeders, making them magnets for puppy mills. Find out more here…

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Stop puppy mills! Adopt, don't shop! Puppy mill facts and statistics. Animal Rescue | Dog Rescue | Dog Adoption | Rescue Mom | Puppy Mills | Animal Rights |

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A List of The Worst 101 Puppy Mills in The U.S. (by State) Has Been Released by The Humane Society of the United States We simply CANNOT support an industry that produces unhealthy and tortured dogs! Please, it's crucial that you share this, & DON'T SHOP - ADOPT!!!! Tips to help stop puppy mills: #PuppyMills #AnimalCruelty #DogHealth

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Every time you buy from a breeder or store, you are killing a shelter animal!!!!! TRUTH!!!!!!!

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A breeding dog will live its ENTIRE life caged up with the sole purpose of producing puppies. There is a reason you won't ever meet that puppy's mom. Please boycott puppy mills, puppy stores, and pet stores that sell puppies.

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Puppy Mill Awareness Day is Tomorrow, 9/21. Educate yourself on #Puppy Mills and help stop the abuse and neglect.

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