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from ASPCA

Why Are Some States Havens for Puppy Mills?

Where does your state stand on puppy mills? While many people think they are already illegal, that’s not the case. Federal standards are far from what most people consider to be humane and are poorly enforced. States have the authority to enact and enforce higher standards of humane care for commercially bred animals, yet 21 states still do not have any laws regulating large-scale dog breeders, making them magnets for puppy mills. Find out more here…


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This is how your "reputable breeder" BREEDS DOGS. There is no such thing as a reputable breeder. Anyone that profits from breeding dogs, while thousands die in shelters, is pathetic. Adopt, don't shop.


A 'good' puppy mill -- FDA approved yet! Please adopt from a shelter! No such thing as a good puppy mill.


Leo the Puppy Mill Rescue Boxer Always Has His Mouth Full This senior dog spent years in a mill, where they filed his teeth, so now he lives...


THIS IS NOT OK! PLEASE REPIN to show that puppy mill dogs do not even get the most basic care. #nomorepuppymills #rescue

from The Dodo

Puppy Mill Mom Trapped In Cage for 12 Years Finally Treated With Dignity

Puppy Mill Mom Trapped In Cage for 12 Years Finally Treated With Dignity - NEVER BUY FROM PET STORES OR ANY BREEDER.


NC Senate: Finally get Puppy Mill HB 159 through the Senate!Rep Jason Seine will reintroduce in 2017

from BarkPost

This Woman Got A Dog, Then Wrote To The Puppy Mill Where The Pup Was Born.

I cried! You must read the letter Lilly's owner wrote to the mill where she came from. DOGS ARE NOT LIVESTOCK