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This house is entered on the upper floor, where the architects located two bedrooms and an office that features a sliding partition wall. These rooms are at either extremity of the longitudinal volume.


La Bodega Winery Designed by Spanish architects RCR Arquitectes, La Bodega is a winery situated on a private vineyard near the coastal town of Palamos. The architecture strikes a balance between the artificial and the natural, existing within a man-made valley cut into the Catalan landscape.


הציבור כבר מצביע ברגליים: גדרות השיפוץ של המקטע הראשון מתפנות בזו אחר זו, והציבור הרחב מגלה את הטיילת המחודשת ( צילום: אביעד בר נס )


School Larch Canopy and External Classroom - Feilden Fowles Architects Architecture Design Contemporary Structure Timber Canopy Larch Outdoor Shelter School Bath Commonspace Communal Social Secondary Academy