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2nd Punic War, 218-201 BC. The Carthaginians under Hannibal move over the Iberic peninsular, south France and the Alps towards Italy, 218 BC. - The Carthaginians crosing the Rhone: Trans- port of the war elephants on ferries.-

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The Punic Wars

the carthaginian army pics. Hannibal | Caption Hannibal (247-c.183 BC) and his war elephants crossing the ...

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The Ships at Mylae - 1st Punic War 261BC It was not until after Rome consolidated her power on all of the Italian Peninsula, including the southern Greek city states, did she turn her attention to Sicily. The Romans set out to meet the Phoenicians, who had an 800 year history of sea-faring, and decisively defeated them in their serious engagement at Mylae.

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