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Five Little Pumpkins STEM Challenge for Kids

The book Five Little Pumpkins is a classic Halloween or pumpkin themed staple for the fall season. Our Five Little Pumpkins STEM challenge is perfect to pair with it too! Whether you are passed counting to 5, you can still try out this fun STEM activity and see if you can get 5 little pumpkins...Read More »

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Straw Structure Design Samples.The Challenge is to build the tallest structure with 50 straws and a small roll of tape. The structure must be able to support a 200g orange.‌‌‎

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Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins

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Five Little Pumpkins STEM Activity

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Five Little Pumpkins STEM Challenge for Kids

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Pumpkin Investigation Tray Pumpkin Science STEM

Set up an easy Fall STEM activity with this pumpkin investigation tray for pumpkin science. Hands-on learning and pumpkin sensory play. Early childhood science activity. Halloween STEM.

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Pumpkin Math and Engineering Challenge

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