Five Pumpkin Carving Tools Everybody Should Own

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This Pumpkin Carving Tool Set will let you carve a super awesome pumpkin that will impress trick or treaters. These are the master tools you need for advanced pumpkin carving. You can also use them on a variety of fruits and vegetables. Create a masterpiece this year and every year. Pumpki

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Ray Villafane Pumkin Carving Tool Kit with the 5 essential tools needed for extreme 3-D pumpkin carving. To read more:

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When the sun goes down, they shine.Materials• 3 different sizes pumpkins• Templates (Baby Owl, Mama Owl, and Daddy Owl)• Carving tools• Metal skewer• Almonds and Brazil nuts• Orange paintDirections1. Print and tape to the front of a hollowed-out pumpkin, then use a transfer tool or metal skewer to poke holes along the outline. 2. Remove and discard the template, then use a carving knife to cut along the design.

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