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Puerto Rican Girl Problems - Running out of Adobo!! Not Puerto Rican, still applies here. And if my Goya jar of minced garlic ever runs out I will cry.

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Judith Ortiz Coffer is an Puerto Rican girl that was faced with hardship about self-image at a young age. She is a very dynamic character because in the end she realizes, "who cares what others think of her" and becomes an "exotic" woman which represents her pride in herself.

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I have so many relatives like this. I just don't look related to most of them. I'm one of the few that has olive, yellowish skin. The rest are like bronze colored. So you can mainly see the Spanish or the Mexican Native American in them, but if you covered my face you would think I was Asian.

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Slow Cooker Puerto Rican Black Beans with Sofrito and Cilantro from The Perfect Pantry (

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