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A quick method of estimating the date of a pregnancy is by measuring fundal height. This is the distance from the symphysis pubis to the top of the uterine fundus. The fundus is measured by running a measuring tape vertically from the top of the pubis bone to the top of the fundus. Each centimeter of fundal height is considered equal to one week of gestation. For example, if the patient measures 20 cm, she would be approximately 20 weeks gestation. http://MedicTests.com

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Essentials of Human Anatomy The Skeletal ... and pubis bones laterally and anteriorly Male and Female Pelvis Female iliac bones more flared broader hips pubic ...

Washington: A new research has revealed that Stegosaurus dinosaurs, who were mostly portrayed as plant eaters, were also lethal fighters and used their spiky tails to fight against their enemies. Paleontologists have uncovered new evidence of a casualty of stegosaurian combat. The evidence was a fatal stab wound in the pubis bone of a predatory allosaur. The wound, in the conical shape of a stegosaur tail spike, would have required great dexterity to inflict and shows clear signs of having…

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Yoga for Flexibility: bhujangasana (Cobra) Lie on the floor with the tops of your feet, thighs and pubis bone pressing firmly into the mat. Place your palms underneath your shoulders and on an inhale, lift the sternum. Draw your shoulder blades down the back to create space in the neck. Find length in the upper back, possibly straighten your arms–but be careful not to compress the lower back (this might mean you keep your arms bent, as pictured). Stay for 10-15 breaths.

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The second chakra, located between the belly button and the pubis bone is referred to as the chakra of creative and sexual energy. Not only creativity in the sense of birthing another human if you are a woman, but creativity in the sense that from this wheel of light, our desires to manifest on all level; artistically, musical, personal expression and transformation or creative ecstatic celebration of the divine like flowers opening in spring. from compassionangelcardreading.com

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Male and female pelvis. Female pelvis has evolved to its maximum width for childbirth - a wider pelvis would make women unable to walk. #anatomy

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