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When You or Someone You Love Gets Angry

There are 3 styles of anger that I go over in my Taming Your Anger online course. The stuffer avoids feelings but they leak out in passive aggressive comments, but the exploder rages and causes fear. Both need help. For more information read my blog...

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well i'm in pain a lot so... anybody wanna help me out with that?? *wink wink* -k.e.m.

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Good to know! Lolol

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Controlling your behaviorism helps your thinking processes.

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The Neuroscience of Changing Your Behavior

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Some questions to help you start understanding & identifing some of your core values

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I can never remember which one is good and which one is bad!

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Many dropped out of college as they were creating what allowed them to become wealthy

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How to Set Boundaries Workbook

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But this doesnt mean we need more guns. Trust me that isnt the solution.

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