Challenge accepted. And won. Like a thousand times. In the past five seconds.< that's niceGil------------------------ WOW way to make someone feel better Gilbert XD - Misaki

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Well, soon there will be no proof of God's existence <<<<< HOW DARE YOU FIRST OF ALL NO HE IS ALIVE AND WILL NEVER DIE NEVER I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!

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Ja... I have a lot of scars...<<<< well, I guess it's time to see a doctor then, THEY LOOK FRIGGING INFECTED D:

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It almost looks like Prussia is a proud hot!!! <3 ...Yes I know Germany is his little brother, but I'm having a fangirl moment here... ;) #Hetalia #Prussia #Germany

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Awww, I love this!!! <3 <3 <3 Gilbird as Totoro, and Prussia holding little Germany! #Hetalia #MyNeighborTotoro

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Okry are you kidding me or what...stooop messing with my heart internet (this is so poor to say -_-)

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