Pruning Standard, & Bush Plum Trees. To avoid the risk of Silver Leaf Disease, always prune plum trees when they are growing strongly. Mid-June is a good time. The pruning of standard, half-standard, & bush plum trees is the same, with the exception of the height at which the main stem is pruned to encourage the formation of branches. The maiden tree main stem should be pruned in June to 3 ft. above soil level for a bush tree, to 4 ft. for a half-standard, & to 6 ft. for a full-standard…

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Pruning is beneficial for making plum trees strong and healthy, and produce a good amount of fruits. Here is a simple guide for pruning these trees.

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How to Prune Plum Trees: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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Helpful tips for the selection, planting, care, and harvesting of plum trees if you've decided to have a go at growing

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