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$21.71 (Buy here: ) . God as square GX-F8B UGXF8B proximity switch proximity sensor genuine authentic holiday pay ten for just $21.71

$13.64 (Buy here: ) Free shipping! 4mm SN04-N with 6 to 36V DC inductive Proximity Switch sensor NPN type with FREE INSTALLATION BRACKET for just $13.64

$69.95 (Buy here: ) M12 embedded type (inductive, capacitive, analog, Holzer switch) proximity switch sensor for just $69.95

$24.50 (Buy here: ) NI15-M30-AN6X dc npn inductive proximity switch for just $24.50

$22.30 (Buy here: ) Quality warranty for one year schneider XS230BLNAL2 proximity switch for just $22.30

$24.63 (Buy here: ) TLN10ME-1 10-30VDC 10mm Approach Sensor Inductive Proximity Switch for just $24.63

$69.95 (Buy here: ) M18 embedded (inductive, capacitive, analog switch, Holzer) proximity switch sensors for just $69.95

$12.79 (Buy here: ) 15mm Detecting Distance Sensor Inductive Proximity Switch NC AC 90-250V for just $12.79

$17.00 (Buy here: ) Sensor Tester / proximity switch sensor / photoelectric switch tester incog debugging platform for just $17.00

$21.97 (Buy here: ) 4P Aviation Connector 3-Wire DC 6-36V PNP NO 8mm Inductive Proximity Switch for just $21.97