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Taped Skull Cartoon | Unisex T-Shirt

A cartoonic skull with a cross on his mouth. It the meaning of this symbol is various, protest, opression or it just looks cool.

I think I'd edit this to "Speak YOUR truth...." It gets complicated, otherwise, yes?


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Despite the greatly improved media image of the church under Pope Francis, it still faces an abyss of incomprehension when it uses its language in communicating, especially to this millennial generation. It has first to bring them to silence, to confront an often-unconscious hunger for meaning. To ask questions before giving the answers. That throws a kind of rickety bridge over the abyss. It might frighten the protesters at the gate. But it is just the kind of connection that the lightness…

Her husband was impeached! We've been there and we've done that. Better wake up people! Hillary said her dream is to have a world Without Borders. That means gangs from all over the world flooding to our country. Terrorist coming to our country. She will fundamentally change the world we know.


Well I mean if I saw The Black Panther trying to kill me I'd run too man


Hillary has only evil in her heart and has a fouler mouth than Trump or a group of sailors on shore leave. She is definitely in a basket- of dispicable, corrupt, greedy, power thirsty, lawless, ruthless, american insiders and left leaners. You might call Communists


Spain. Protest. The city has no budget or means for maintaining a clinical veterinarian in El Centro Canino Valladolid, which will mean that all animals that are currently boarded there, dogs and cats, will cease to be under vet attendance!

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3 Fotos que nos deberían ayudar a no decir nunca más ‘Ella se lo buscó”

What a woman is wearing does not mean she's asking to be a rape victim.


This crap of, "it's his right", that's some bull. I guess since we have a right to say whatever in the hell you want to, then don't get your briefs in a bunch when they exercise their own rights. MY POINT IS, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD. Show some damn respect, or kick rocks!.......HE'S JUST A LITTLE SPOILED RICH BITCH BOY PIN-HEAD.