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Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn't Know

In 2011, people playing Foldit, an online puzzle game about protein folding, resolved the structure of an enzyme that causes an Aids-like disease in monkeys. Researchers had been working on the problem for 13 years. The gamers solved it in 3 weeks.


BASE DE DATOS ESTRUCTURAL Protein Data Bank (PDB, Portal con información sobre estructura de macromoléculas biológicas. Finalidad principal: recopilación de estructuras de moléculas biológicas. A la base de datos se le añaden útiles herramientas para su visualización y manejo.


Kynurenine formamidase converts one of the steps from Tryptophan to L-Kynurenine. RCSB Protein Data Bank - RCSB PDB - 4E11 Structure Summary

Worldwide Protein Data Bank commemorates 2014 - the International Year of Crystallography - with 12 calendar images!