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Anita Berber (1899 -1928) - 1921 - German dancer, actress, writer, and prostitute who was the subject of an Otto Dix painting. She lived during the Weimar period - @~ Mlle

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Day trips from Cologne: City Edition

After exploring the attractions of Cologne, you might wonder what else thef North Rhine-Westphalia holds. Explore these 6 cities on a day trip from Cologne.


Volker Eckert (1959 – 2007) was a German truck driver and serial killer who confessed to the murders of six women, five of whom were prostitutes. He was accused of committing 19 murders between 1974 and 2006. On 17 November 2006, Eckert was arrested in Germany. The police found tufts of hair and pictures of his victims subjected to various tortures in Eckert's truck and in his house. On 2 July 2007, Eckert was found dead in his cell in Germany, after committing suicide.


Anita Berber. Dancer, actress, prostitute, drug addict. Known as Berlin's "High Priestess of Depravity". She died in 1928 at the age of 29.