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Prosthetic fingers. Not technically cyberpunk, but augments and cybernetics borrow heavily from prosthetic science, and how cool is this?


Touch Bionics Announced To Release New Prosthetic Fingers Technology - Prosthetic fingers or arms fulfill the lack of real fingers or arms. Touch Bionics is a worldwide provider of prosthetic fingers or arms. The company's prosthetic devices are known as i-limb digits which are fully customized electronic prosthesis for those people who have lost his/her finger(s) or partial hand. However, the company has announced September 27 that it is going to launch a new prosthetic fingers worldwide…

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Touch Bionics releases new prosthetic fingers, flips the old ones the bird

Touch Bionics latest prosthetic innovations for people with missing fingers. The company revealed new wrist-band and digit technologies for its i-limb digits solution that will help bring the benefits of the prostheses to a greater population.

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Cheaper prosthetic finger prototype could be a blessing to many


NIBIB researchers are developing new artificial hand systems that would perform complex hand motions based on measurements of the residual electrical signals from the remaining muscles of an amputee’s forearm. Signals from the muscles (in one project) and nerves (from another project) have the potential to result in much finer control of the fingers in the artificial hand.


"Articulated (jointed) wooden hand, 19th century A woman probably wore this hand from the mid-19th century. The prosthesis slipped over the stump of her arm and was laced tightly. The opening on the side indicates that the wearer still had her own thumb. The wooden fingers, though jointed and flexible, had no locking mechanism that would allow the person to firmly grasp an object." Caption from Smithsonian