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Koolatron Guardian Pro Bite Shield Cordless 1-Acre Propane Mosquito Trap

The Only Cordless Propane Mosquito Trap This is the only cordless device that uses CO2 (created by propane to mimic human breath), octenol, and a battery powered thermoelectric module to virtually eradicate mosquitoes over an area up to one acre, eliminating the need to string an electrical cord across your property. Price $499.95

2 | Mosquito Magnet Traps «Patriot», «Independence» & «Executive» review: what is the best propane mosquito trap? - Know which of Mosquito Magnet Propane traps – «Patriot», «Independence» or «Executive» – can kill as many as 21 thousand mosquitoes per a day! The review of sale leaders from Mosquito Magnet from $300 to $800