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How to Build a Propane Forge Burner

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Making a Custom Blacksmith Propane Forge

This video covers the entire build of my blacksmith forge from start to finish. I made it in my spare time and the build spanned 2 months. I use a piece of railroad track as my anvil and that is covered in the video as well.Watch the video for all the steps involved in bringing the project to completion. Please be sure and check out all my metal casting instructables I have posted. Thanks for Watching!

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Propane Forge - Homemade forge fired by a propane burner. Frame is constructed from flat and angles bars with round pipe for the legs and burner tube. Fire bricks are lined with Plistix to enhance efficiency.

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How to Make a Propane Forge

In this video I build from scratch a high efficiency propane forge from an air tank. This is a "real" forge that is capable of welding temperatures. It has a...