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Propaganda Techniques Worksheet

The Wright Ladies present the Propaganda Techniques Worksheet. This is a great review for the six main types of propaganda (glittering generalities, card stacking, plain folk, name calling, bandwagon, and transfer/symbol/endorsement). In this worksheet students use the chart, which defines the six types of propaganda, to identify the main type of propaganda in six real life examples.Included in this download are word and PDF versions of the worksheet and answer key.


Persuasive Techniques Commercial Project

Are you looking for a way to integrate drama in the classroom? Why not have students create a commercial to show understanding of persuasive techniques? This document includes a step-by-step project description and rubric for a commercial project. Students work in groups (3-4) and create short skits that include two persuasive/ propaganda techniques (bandwagon, snob appeal, etc.). (7-9)


Holocaust Propaganda: Introduction & Analysis Activity

This is a 24 slide PowerPoint that will help students to understand how Hitler used Nazi propaganda to promote anti-Semitism and allow the Final Solution to take place. There are many examples of propaganda displayed as well as a description of the techniques used to persuade the Germans to accept Nazi beliefs. Students will be able to work together to decide how persuasive and effective a Nazi propaganda poster is and the techniques that were used.


Propaganda Techniques

This is a reference sheet to help students with various propaganda techniques (bandwagon, loaded words, testimonial, transfer, name-calling, facts & figures, glittering generalities, plain folks, and avant-garde).