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Projector screen paint for projecting high definition video on a wall rather than using an expensive and bulky projector screen. Just paint it on!

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DIY Gold Moon Wall. Use a projector to make the outline then just fill in the rest. Amazing idea!

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Projector Screen Paint for the home theater. Less money and better image than a pull-down projector screen! Will use this one if we end up putting the home theater in our living room (good for rooms with more natural light).

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And This Is How You End Up With Something Amazing When You Have No Skills. -   Misc
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Cool DIY: Paint-By-Numbers Wall Mural — The Lettered Cottage

Paint by numbers from a projector and then painted in. There are companies on the internet that will take your photos and create a paint by number kit for you. Add the projector and you have very personal wall space! OMG

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I Love to project images on the wall, paint and save money! I do LOVE vinyl for smaller projects like labeling, doors and mirrors. But for the BIGGER projects this is my technique.

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Walls are Behr Marquee Magnet in flat with Behr Marquee Silver City MQ2-59 trim in satin

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