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Validating Your Product Ideas

In this article, I give you a two day checklist to tackle coming up with your next big product idea. Click the image for the article and the download!

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9 High Demand Products that Google is Begging You To Steal!

Trending product ideas for start up businesses that are also looking to validate their idea beforehand. Using Google trends, Google shopping insights, Google correlate, and Ahrefs.

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11 Ways to Create Hype Around a New Launch

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How To Build And Sell Your First E-Course

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Do you have an online store? Are you thinking about opening one? Whether you have a large online store or a small Etsy shop, the way you list your products can have a dramatic effect on your sales. Here are some basic tips for writing a great product description: Emphasize the most important selling points. When you write a product description, use adjectives that describe the object as though there are no pictures. Your description doesn’t have to be long, but at a minimum it should ...

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Are Your Product Descriptions Doing Their Job? a Link Roundup

Your product descriptions are very important tools to convince your customers to go from browsing to shopping. Are yours doing their job, or could they use some brushing up? Today I have a link roundup from some of my favorite small business resources that should get you off to a great start with a challenging task.

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75 Types of Blog Posts to Grow Your Brand

75 types of blog posts to grow your brand! Help spread the word about what you do, and help your audience thrive with 75 different styles of blog posts for your niche. Perfect to mix it up if you have writer's block!

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50 Different Ways to Make Money Blogging

There are tons of ways to make money blogging. But when you're a beginner, it's hard to know where to start. Here are over 50 different ways that bloggers make money. This list includes ad networks, influencer networks (places to find sponsored work), product ideas, and more!

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