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Company discusses proposition during law enforcement conference

Just wanted to point out cause I just noticed it, but unless I'm wrong, Tyler is wearing one of the band's shirts. The same one Josh wore at the AMAs (maybe not the exact same shirt, but the same design). That's all. << i noticed that too

There are the big stories we all hear about and try desperately to explain away, but this shit happens every day. It may be a few bad apples, but what do you do when you find a bad apple? You throw it out! You don't bury it under the nice apples and go, "What? See? These apples are fine!" We need to pay attn, and raise awareness. For the safety of the people and the benefit of all of the actual good cops out there.

Yep! If they think their "cause" is so right and noble then they should proudly show the world their faces. What they "show" by hiding their identities is that they know they're wrong and that their "cause" is unjustifiable.

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