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Brett Favre's ode to his late father leaves few dry eyes in Packers-filled house

Brett Favre got emotional when talking about his father at the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Getty Images).


11-26-2016 GAME 312 THE GAME: PEPPERS STUFFED! (I like my peppers sliced 'n diced 'n grilled 'n stuffed.)


Such a fun quote! NOT sacrilegious, either. At a press conference, some middle school kids were attending. This kid asked Coach Helfrich if Mariota was going pro. He didn't comment on that, but asked him what else they talk about at his school (which is Catholic). "Pretty much just Jesus, girls, and Marcus Mariota."


Pro Camp Luke Kuechly Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly talks in a question and answer session at Zable Stadium about how attending schools run by Jesuits, especially his high school, St. Xavier, taught him that you don't get anywhere by yourself.