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Five Australian former prisoners of war after their release from Japanese captivity in Changi prison Singapore September 1945 [9001363]

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The Malmedy massacre, near the Belgian town by the same name, in which 80 American prisoners of war were murdered by their German captors during World War II. The massacre was committed on December 17, 1944, by members of Kampfgruppe Peiper (part of the 1st SS Panzer Division), a German combat unit, during the Battle of the Bulge.


Allied prisoners of war cheering their rescuers, and waving the flags of the United States, Great Britain and The Netherlands as the U.S. Navy arrives at the Aomori prison camp, near Yokohama, Japan, on 29 August 1945.


Socialite, big game hunter, prisoner of war -- not three descriptions often befitting the same person, but Gertrude Sanford Legendre was all the above. The daughter of business magnate and politician John Sanford, Gertrude was a high-society American heiress with a penchant for exotic hunting. The 1920s debutante forwent finishing classes to join the OSS, where she was transferred to Paris. Legendre became the first female American prisoner of war when she was captured in northeast Paris and…

The fate of prisoners of war and missing in action is one of the darkest chapters of the Cold War. Tens of thousands of American soldiers European survivors were sent to unknown destinations during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.


Victims at Dachau concentration camp. When the camp was liberated in April 1945, it had 30,000 survivors, of which 2,000 died in the first month. The camp was set up in March 1933. During the war, the camp was mainly used for political prisoners from all occupied countries and for the mentally handicapped on their way to execution elsewhere. Between 1941 and 1945, Russian prisoners of war were shot outside the crematorium.


"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end -- which you can never afford to lose -- with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be" James Stockdale wrote this. He was held for 71/2 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam in a 3 x 9 foot cage. He was awarded 26 personal combat medals, including the Medal of Honor and four Silver Stars. His memory of college classes in Stoic philosophy help him cope as a prisoner of…

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The Most Powerful Images Of World War I

WWI: Massed German prisoners of war at a clearing station after the successful Allied offensive near Amiens in Northern France, which began on the 8th August 1918. General Ludendorff described it as ‘The Black Day of the German Army’. - Found via Buzzfeed


Andersonville National Historic Site - the most infamous Civil War Prison - Andersonville prison was the deadliest prisoner of war camp during the Civil War with a total of nearly 13,000 deaths. Over 40% of all Union prisoners of war who died during the Civil War perished at Andersonville.