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You define what is important to you by what you dedicate your time to.. Its time to dedicate my life for me, my soulmate and my future career for my business once more... My time is valuble and precious to me also :-):-)

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actions speak louder than words. so what are my priorities based upon my actions? is these the priorities I want to have? Nope. I am working on changing this.

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Priorities: When soemone tells you they are too "busy"... It's not a reflection of their schedule; it's a reflection of YOUR post on their schedule.- Steve Maraboli

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Thoughts & Quotes About Trust

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Angel of Death

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - Winnie the Pooh Quotes khardmankeller

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

Ask yourself what is really important and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer.

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