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Here's the a list of the proper temperatures for making sure your meats are cooked properly: Beef, veal, lamb, duck, burgers, dausage, chicken, turkey, fish, pork, ham, and eggs.

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Sky High Yorkshire Pudding | "I have made this 3 years in a row with our Christmas Eve prime rib dinner and it's wonderful. It has never failed and everyone always comes back for seconds. Add the pinch of salt, use room temperature ingredients and place cookie sheets under your muffin tins to keep your oven clean. It's a no fail delicious recipe."

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I've perfected the juiciest most flavorful prime rib. First get a prime rib with the ribs cut away from meat and tied to the roast. Next apply olive oil over the entire roast and apply a hravy coat of Montreal steak seasoning you will need to use your hands to rub it in. Next apply some garlic salt and a final layer of olive oil. Set in a baking pan ribs down. The ribs act as a baking rack. Cover with plastic of foil rap and refrigerate for 24 hours. Then allow roast to sit at room…

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Poor Man's Prime Rib - I will never cook eye of the round any other way. FANTASTIC!

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Poor Man's Prime Rib ~ This is seriously the best way to cook a roast.It makes an inexpensive piece of meat taste like prime rib! Tender anddelicious!

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Reverse Seared Beef Rib Roast

My favorite part of the holiday classic Prime Rib (aka Beef Rib Roast) is the tender medium rare center. With a reverse sear low temperature roast, you can get that entire roast to be medium rare. - Reverse Seared Beef Rib Roast

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