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Primary School Teacher Salary

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Spelling Words Homework Menu

Spelling Words Homework Menu- Engaging ways for parents to engage students in spelling practice. Teacher and students negotiate a strategy for spelling practice.

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Time to Teach: Properties of Matter


FoodSpan is a free curriculum about sustainability & the food we eat. Its standards-aligned lessons geared towards Grades 9-12 empower students to make healthy & responsible food choices. FoodSpan’s 100+ activities tackle real-world issues like climate change, the environmental impacts of agriculture & much more!


Zimbabwe primary school children sit in a teacherless in Harare, where the teachers are refusing to teach this year until they get a salary increase.


Creating Effective Modern Schools: "We need to stop believing that anybody has more of a say in what goes on in our schools and how to build them than we do..."

Who Pays Teachers Best for their Time? Hours primary school teachers spend working on the left. Teachers salary after 15 years of experience / GDP per capita on the right The biggie version of this infographic also includes: how much teachers around the world make (Luxembourgh tops), average class size (Mexico tops… or bottoms if you will) and salary levels vs student achievement (Finland tops).


The Quack back sheet is something I learned from a friend and have used in my classroom ever since. It allows students to give guided feedback to each other with simple sentence starters. Question Understand Agree/disagree Compliment Know more about


Cottars 1920's camp in Kenya is a member of the Long Run Destinations which practice the 4C's (Community, Conservation, Culture & Commerce). In regards to this, and prior to the conservancy project, Cottars built the Olpalagilagi Primary School for a total of 200 students, paying teachers salaries and - to keep the children coming to school - they also run a feeding program for them.