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Prices For Train Tickets

As more and more people began to travel by train and more companies sprouted up to service them, accommodations began to shift to allow for lower ticket prices. This 1895 photo shows a standard "sleeping car" compartment where people would often sleep sitting up.

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Train to Budapest from Ljubljana

The price for both tickets was only $41 USD, but the train to Budapest from Ljubljana would take an astounding eight hours. We mentally prepared for the long haul and I made a list of things I could get done during the trip (like research Budapest, which I had failed – once again – to do in advance!).


Rick Steves Eurail Passes: Time and Cost Map The first number is approx. US $ and second number is the approx. number of hours


Hogwarts Train Ticket iPhone Case

Hogwarts Train Ticket iPhone Case //Price: $9.97 & FREE Shipping // #HarryPotter #Potter #HarryPotterForever #PotterHead #jkrowling #hogwarts #hagrid #gryffindor


a moment of silence for all the concerts we miss because we can't afford tickets ... or because we have to be adults with responsibilities

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Find the Cheapest Train Travel for your Next Trip

The cheapest train travel doesn't hinge only on a low ticket price. Find out 5 ways to find the best deals as budget travel takes you to the rails.

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Top Tips for Flying Ryanair from Paris, France

Tips for Flying Ryanair from Paris, France: When we flew from Paris to Barcelona we purchased tickets on a Ryanair flight two weeks in advance for $60.00 on Skyscanner. That price was approximately 75% cheaper than the least expensive train ticket we were able to find and cheaper than taking a bus. However, there were a few things we did not know before choosing Ryanair that came as a bit of a surprise.