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South African Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coin - The grand daddy of modern gold coins, the Krugerrand has been around since 1967. Like the American Gold Eagle, these coins are minted from 22 karat gold, but contain 1 full ounce of pure gold (each coin weighs 1.0909 ounces). Krugerrands are an economical way to start buying one ounce coins, as they typically have the lowest premium over the spot price of gold of all sovereign-issued gold bullion coins. Composition: 91.667% gold, 8.333% copper


Merk Insights - Greenspan:Price of Gold Will Rise... Consider protecting yourself with gold Karatbars, 24-karat currency-grade gold bullion, save a gram at a time, affordable and convenient. Gold is the asset that has proven the test of time against inflation & bankruptcy & is accepted all over the world. Karatbars has an Affiliate Program that offers free gold & monetary compensation and make great gifts. For info

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Is Buying Gold Over Stocks A Better Financial Investment

With the price of gold today, could the best investment choice over stocks be glistening gold with predictions of shaky financial markets ahead?

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#Gold in the hand. It's a pretty pic don't you think? Track the spot price of gold for free in real time with the free Exact Price widget

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How to Calculate the Price of a Tola of Gold, a Tael of Gold or a Luong of Gold

The term semi numismatic coins means those that are semi collectible. This is a very broad term and there is a lot of debate about what is and is not semi numismatic. For the purpose of this article we are looking at Old European Gold Coins such as...