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John Buchan. Fiction favs - Blanket of the Dark/Witch Wood/John MacNab/Greenmantle. Non fiction fav - biography of Sir Walter Scott. Check him out.


16th century map of Prester John by Abraham Ortelius. A map of Prester John's kingdom as Ethiopia. Latin reads: "A description of the Empire of Prester John or of the Abyssinians"


Depiction of the Kerait ruler Ong Khan as "Prester John" in "Le Livre des Merveilles", 15th century


Prester John - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Prester John (Latin: Presbyter Johannes) is a legendary Christian patriarch and king popular in European chronicles and tradition from the 12th through the 17th century. He was said to rule over a "Nestorian" (Church of the East) Christian nation lost amid the Muslims and pagans of the Orient, in which the Patriarch of the Saint Thomas Christians resided.