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A photo of the Roosevelts at their home in Albany, New York. Franklin went on to become the 32nd president of the United States from 1933 to 1945. This was before term limits began. Franklin served four terms as president and passed away during the fourth term.

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.THIS BILL IS ALREADY IN CONGRESS PEOPLE, WE CAN NOT LET IT HAPPEN.....[One of his "crony's put it thru and Reid will make sure that's up for a vote, before any "balanced budgets" even thought of getting the dust blown off of them..Wonder? Will we be ordered to "Hiel Obama" or "Bow before his Highness"

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This country has eliminated presidential term limits

HISTORY: America 101: Why Do We Have Presidential Term Limits?

Op-Ed: Fix politics by removing presidential term limits

A section of African legislators want presidential term limits scrapped from the continent's constitutions.

Obama said: "I will part the clouds and make the sun rise." He said, "I'm not going to become just a Chicago community organizer, but the entire planet's communities' organizer. I will totally fix all the earth's problems that I did not have time to do, due to presidential term limits, and I will change the US and the world forever."

20 Killed In Protests Demanding Congo President Step Down and Respect Term Limits } Black Agenda Report | News, information and analysis from the black left.

Assembly vote prompts violent street protests against what many demonstrators deem a power grab by President Correa.

Obama To Issue Executive Order Extending Presidential Term Limits | Real News, Right Now

Presidential term limits: necessary and right, or bad for democracy?

The time has come to end presidential term limits, because continuing the restrictions on the length of time one can serve in the country's highest office is bad for the United States, a university professor argued this week.