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With the build up to the Presidential Elections happening later this year, this infographic template uncovers what it takes to hold the position of the most powerful leader in the world. This template is best used to visualize a process or step-by-step guide for any topic. | Create your #infographic at

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Wira Gardiner, Hekia Parata’s husband had also taken a pot-luck shot at becoming the National Party president so no doubt Key and English were at ease with him and making his wife education minister could ease his National Party presidential ambitions. He has been given some key government roles in recent days. Not unlike Michael Sandel’s kidney transplant deal quoted in the first paragraph all she had to do was to match up a willing buyer [those wanting an education] to a willing seller…

What has happened to people that they could stoop so low as to endorse this unqualified, hate-filled bigot.

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Over the course of this project, students will work in groups and compete in a class-wide campaign. Groups will consist of four students, each with a different role (Presidential Candidate, Campaign Manager, Campaign Treasurer, and Technology Manager).

5 Latinas behind the 2016 presidential candidates Latinas are playing major roles in the 2016 presidential race. A good question is if those roles are translating to more awareness, both from the candidates and from Latino voters.

SERAP to Buhari: Probe World Bank’s role in funds repatriation -

SN: Here is a speech on social media and the 2012 presidential elections held at the Washington Foreign Press Center. You might want to skim it.

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Religion, Race, and Barack Obama's New Democratic Pluralism :: <P>Contrary to popular claims, religion played a critical role in Barack Obama’s 2008 election as president of the United States. Religion, race, and gender entered the national and electoral dialogue in an unprecedented manner. What stood out most in the 2008 presidential campaign was not that Republicans reached out to religious voters but that Democrats did—and with a vengeance. This tightly edited volume demonstrate...